Chichester Conservatives win 2 By-elections

In the County Council by-election for the Bourne Division, Mike MAGILL won by a significant majority after a hard fought campaign.

A very well deserved win for an excellent candidate who will work hard for the residents of Bourne. 

EMERSON, Andrew Patria 12

KERRY-BEDELL, Andrew John Liberal Democrats 1009

MAGILL, Michael Philip The Conservative Party Candidate 1368

NEVILLE, Michael John Green Party 250

TOWERS, Jane Anne Labour Party 161

In the District Council by-election for the Loxwood Ward Janet Duncton took the seat back from the Liberal Democrats with a strong majority. This result means that the Conservatives have regained control of Chichester District Council

DUNCTON, Janet Elizabeth The Conservative Party Candidate 1005

EMERSON, Andrew Patria 9

JEFFERY, Alexander Miles Liberal Democrats 486

SECHI, Francesca Green Party 126