The County Times

Louise Goldsmith's article featured in The County Times, recording the work carried out by Conservative Councillors across West Sussex.

County Councils are at the forefront of the local community. In West Sussex alone in 2013-2014 we will spend £535 million on 80% of our services from  social services to roads and drains. This is action at a very local level that touches the community in real time, addressing their real issues which is why we urge

everyone to come and vote on the 2nd of May to ensure their voice is heard. It is the local level where policies have a direct impact.


Over the last 3 years considerable savings have been achieved through driving greater efficiencies into our local services. More robust management and teamwork has enabled us to think and operate in a way suited to the current economic climate we all have to face.

We are all in very difficult financial times at present, which is why a key priority for us has been, and remains to, keep council tax bills down. For the last 3 years, we have worked tirelessly to keep council tax unchanged.

Whilst driving cost reductions has been an economic necessity; we have also continued our concerted focus on generating and strengthening the local economy in West Sussex. We are and will continue working with a number of businesses, both large and small, to help foster opportunities for all.

We believe in strong, vibrant, self-reliant communities and for this coming year have committed over £750,000 in our Big Society and Community Initiative Grants to help a range of community activities.

Looking forward we also need to ensure that our infrastructure can support the demands of the local community as well as the changing environmental climate. Our programmes include improving the road infrastructure;enhancing flood and drainage schemes; helping our elderly and very vulnerable live better lives and helping our young to a good start in life.

Conservative Councillors work tirelessly for their local communities and for the good of West Sussex and will continue to do so. Keep West Sussex strong and vote Conservative on the 2nd of May.

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