Tories lead polls for first time since June

The Conservatives are in the lead in the polls for the first time since the election and Theresa May’s advantage over Jeremy Corbyn has more than doubled, according to a Times poll.

The prime minister’s Brexit deal appears to have improved her public standing and edged the Tories ahead on 42 per cent of the vote, up two points on last week, with Labour unchanged on 41 per cent. The YouGov poll of 1,680 adults on Sunday and yesterday also suggests that the Liberal Democrats are unchanged on 7 per cent with the rest down one point on 10 per cent.

A one point lead is within the margin of error but is a boost for Mrs May a week after some Tories were speculating… (reference - The Times newspaper, Sam Coates, Deputy Political Editor, December 11 2017, 10:00pm)

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