Being a member of Chichester Conservative Association means that you have joined the most open and democratic political party in Britain. After the first three months of your membership, you will be entitled to a vote in Party ballots. You will also have a chance to influence Party policy by letting us know your views.

Join as a Member

Members play an active role in the Party, and receive important voting rights in Party elections. As a Member, you’ll be able to:

- Decide who represents the Party in local, general and European elections 
- Vote in elections for the Party Leader and in our local Association’s AGM 
- Attend Party Conferences

In addition, you’ll receive: 
- A membership card  
- Regular updates

Becoming a Member costs £25 a year - or £5 a year if you’re under 23 years old.

To become a member please ring 01243 783519 or email for a membership pack.

Or open the attached 'Joining Form' by clicking the link below


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