Young Conservatives

Young Conservatives (YC) is the organisation for young (under 25s) Conservative members. Any member of Chichester Conservative Association 26 and under is automatically a member of the Chichester YC branch.

Chichester’s YC branch is keen to recruit new members to enable it to play a full part in the political and social life of Conservatives within Chichester Parliamentary Constituency.

What Chichester’s YCs do and some of the perks…

  • We have regular meetings for events and gatherings regularly
  • We are supported by our local MP, Gillian Keegan, who regularly attends our events
  • We are the youth voice in the local party and take part in CPF discussions
  • We get discounted tickets to Association Events
  • We work to ensure the voice of youth is loud and clear in the party
  • We support our local and national candidates at elections

For further details on the Chichester Branch of Young Conservatives visit its Facebook page, @chiyoungconservatives or contact the Association's communications Officer Lawrence Abel

Email: | Tel: 01243 783519

If you are interested in joining the YC committee please get in touch, we are always looking for more people to get involved and help make the YC branch a success!

What do YCs do:

  • We advance the principles and policies of the Party amongst people who are under the age of 25 and/or are studying at institutes of higher and further education within Great Britain
  • We help recruit younger members to the Party
  • We are the voice of young people in the Party and give our perspectives to the Party as young people
  • We represent and promote the interests and profile of Party members aged 26 and under;
  • We encourage and develop among its Members the formation, organisation and operation of branches
  • We work for the election of Conservative candidates in local, regional, national and elections.