Chairman of Chichester Conservative Association - Jane Kilby


Chairman of Chichester Conservative Association

Jane Kilby

On Friday 11th September, I was announced as the new Chairman of Chichester Conservative Assn, following the hugely successful virtual election on Thursday 10th, for which over 120 members registered to vote.

There was no wasting time as The Officers and I held our first informal, getting to know each other meeting the next morning.

For those of you who may not know me, here is a brief resume of my political life here in Chichester. I have been a Member of the Association for almost 40 years; I was first elected a District Councillor in 1987. In 1999, I was elected Leader of Chichester District Council; between 2000/03  I was also Chairman for Public Protection and Planning, at the Local Government Assn in London

I have held the post of Deputy Chair Political for the Association twice. In this role, I have been the Election Agent for the General, County, District and City Elections, with overall responsibility and ensuring electoral law is complied with.

In addition to this, I was General Manager of a local charity for adults with learning disabilities dealing with complex budgets, cuts to grant funding and fund raising.

Looking to the future, we need a proactive, forward thinking Association who listen and respond to their branches and members, our new Deputy Chair, Membership and Fund Raising, Justin Lees and myself will be contacting you all to ask your views on a what you want from the Assn, maybe more debates on National and Local Issues, what form of social activities we should be holding

One of our first priorities will be the County Council elections, only 8 months away, where we will have excellent candidates to fight the right seats; We built a brilliant team for the GE, including members from all branches, which worked very effectively and we will need you all again next year. However Covid may mean different ways of campaigning and Danielle Dunfield, Deputy Chair Political and I will be working on new strategies which we will share with all of our members.

In all aspects of my life I am known as a team player with an open door ethos, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at or on 07563747587.

Looking forward to hearing from you all

Jane Kilby


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