Have Your Say

Members and supporters of Chichester Conservative Association have an active role to play in influencing local and national policy. Members of Parliament, MEPs and local Councillors all strive to act in the best interests of their constituents, but they cannot do this without understanding the views of those people they represent. You can write a letter to your MP or local Councillor on a specific issue, of course, but you can also become involved in discussion and local action, and help to make a real difference. You can:

  • Become a member of the Association. This will enable you to meet your local representatives and your MP and MEP, hear what they have to say and discuss your views, as well as meeting other like-minded people socially. Membership will also give you a say in the selection of Conservative candidates for local and national elections
  • If you prefer not to be come a member, become a Friend. This will cost from as little as £5 per year, and will entitle you to be given notice of meetings and events and to participate in them
  • If you are a member, join your local Branch Committee and take part in campaigning and organising events
  • Take part in the regular discussions of the Conervative Policy Forum (CPF). The Conservative Party produces regular discussion papers on a wide variety of subjects,including health, education, policing etc. Whether you are a member or not, and even if you are not a Conservative voter, you can take part in these discussions
  • As a member, you can also take part in political discussion by joining the Churchill Luncheon Club or the Patrons' Club. Or if you are under 30, why not join Chichester Conservative future? Further details appear on this website.


For more information click on the appropriate tab, or contact us at office@chichesterconservatives.com or telephone 01243 783519